Federal Employee Benefits

Federal Benefits

"Benefit Programs for Government Employees"

At First One Financial, our agents specialize in providing information to federal employees regarding the benefits they are eligible for. Our vision is to increase the personal knowledge and awareness of all the excellent benefits offered by the Federal Government to every federal employee we assist. Our mission is to inform and educate, so federal employees can optimize their benefits they are eligible for. For the past several years, our team has the experience and knowledge assisting federal employees with making choices as to what benefits meet their needs. We offer quality service, helping the employee to be current with their changing needs as the years go by.  We offer information to employees about the Federal Benefits Programs: including the Retirement Annuity, TSP, FEGLI, Group Health, Long Term Care, Disability, Accounting Services, Wills, Trusts and Real Estate loans. Our agents have been providing these services to federal agencies such as, Department of Homeland Security, DEA, FBI, ICE, DOD, CBP, TSA, Federal Air Marshals, U.S. Secret Service, DOJ, FAA, USPS and the IRS for over 9 years. By down loading and completing the questionnaire above, our agents analyze and can offer advice as to how you make the federal system work best for your particular situation, your goals and objectives. By completing our benefits questionnaire and providing the requested supporting documentation, a personalized benefits analysis can be done. After a personal review, we hope that you will be able to make more informed and calculated decisions as you plan for your financial future. To obtain your benefits analysis, complete the questionnaire and requested supporting documentation to our office address below. 

We have found over the years, that too many federal employees receive assistance from their fellow employees, who may not provide the most suitable recommendations.  With our agents you will get an unbiased assessment of what you are doing now and how you might improve your federal benefit planning in the future. Our agents are committed to the continuing goal of serving our clients and educating them regarding their federal benefits. A courteous and friendly business approach is our commitment to those clients who have entrusted First One Financial, to help protect their future.


We have a knowlegeable staff to help analyze how federal employees may convert some or all of their TSP monies to a ROTH IRA. For many federal employees, this could be a valuable educational opportunity. Click Here for an article offering general information on this topic.

Interested, then click on the “Contact Us” button or fill in the Federal Benefit Questionnaire on this page and submit to our offices for your analysis. One can also call our office to arrange for a personal one on one meeting with one of our qualified associates. If you have any questions, please give us a call. First One Financial. 

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