Welcome to our site. Check here for insurance rates and information. We are now CA Covered Certified to help clients with their health insurance needs complying with the new Affordable Health Care Act!

Welcome you to our Web Site. We try to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some subjects we specialize in.  If you have a need for our services, you can call or complete one of the forms provided.  At First One Financial, we have knowlegeable representatives in both the private and federal marketplaces, combining over 125 years of financial experience.

Through our representatives, we offer quality financial products for all types of insurance and services for both individuals and businesses, helping to make sure your needs are taken care of.

For Federal Employees, we have the knowledge and understanding of many federal programs. We help educate federal employees so they have a better understanding of their Federal benefit programs, such as the Federal Retirement Annuity, FERS Supplemental Annuity, FEHB, TSP, FEGLI, FLTCIP, Disability, Annual Leave and Survivor Benefits.

This includes employees of CSRS, FERS, CSRS-Offset, Trans-FERS and Survivors of federal employees.

Our agents are now CA Covered Certified for the Affordable Health Care Act or California Exchange.  With this certification, they now can offer assistance with the decision process on which health care plans will be suitable for you or your business.  With our agents completed training, they can help simplify and offer guidance as one navigates the health care maze, so give us a call.

It is our commitment and desire to establish trust and long lasting relationships with our clients, providing them with knowledge so they can make intelligent decisions as to what is best for their individual, family or business needs.

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